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NuGen’s Inception

The feasibility to refurbish an “empty” OEM cartridge - and make it perform as good as the original was ascertained

Promoter’s background

Operating out of Nashik City in North-West Maharashtra, NuGen was established in July 2008 by Milind Ghule, an Electronics Engineering Graduate with distinction from CoE Pune, 1983.

He was awarded the Shri J.T. Shahani prize for topping both the Engineering Drawing papers in his first year, and also merited the Electronics batch for specialization in Computer Techniques.

As a campus recruit, Milind joined Wipro Infotech as a Customer Support Executive, moved to their Bangalore HQ as a Field Engineering Specialist and later switched over to Marketing.

After a diverse and enriching experience at Wipro Infotech, Milind quit his position as an Area Manager in 1991 and ventured into business. In the initial years, his business involved varied activities such as selling personal computers, servers, software, peripherals, networking, consumables and providing hardware maintenance.

Gradually, his business focused on peripherals alone. Today, Microdot - the flagship venture, is a trusted company in Nashik for sales & distribution of computer peripherals. Microserv, a sister concern, is in the business of supplying spares, consumables, and delivering maintenance services.

NuGen’s Inception

From a proximal perspective of the peripherals business, an opportunity became evident while observing how customers used their printing devices. With numerous offices, companies, institutions and businesses using up an assortment of OEM consumables, there was considerable amount of e-waste being generated. All these empty cartridges, if prudently reused – could generate considerable potential savings for users.

The follow-up to this idea was an extensive study: types of printing supplies, frequency of usage, availability of replacement components, methods, tools, jigs and fixtures required to split, recharge and reassemble cartridges, the function of smart-chips used by OEM’s on their supplies, existence of testing standards if any in the industry, packaging requirements and alternatives and so on and so forth.

Finally, the feasibility to refurbish an “empty” OEM cartridge - and make it perform as good as the original was ascertained, and a separate business entity in the name of NuGen was established to pursue this further.

At NuGen, used cartridges are reclaimed. The empty plastic shells are re-used, on which all spent and worn-out imaging components are replaced. The cartridge is finally post-tested and packaged - thereby remanufacturing a product that performs almost identically (and at times superior in yield) to an OEM cartridge.


NuGen has been an STMC Compliant company, certified by the International Imaging Technology Council for the period ending Jan 2012. Once the IITC establishes a color standard for certification, NuGen shall renew the same to reflect their augmentation in standards.

STMC stands for Standard Test Methods Committee under the IITC, who have established the procedures and guidelines under American Standard Test Methods – viz. ASTM F 1856 in measuring Toner Usage, and ASTM F 2036 in the calculation of Average Solid Area Density and Background.

At the time when NuGen obtained its certification, there were 127 STMC Compliant companies worldwide, and NuGen was one of 7 Indian companies amongst these.